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Against a backdrop of declining trust in the banking sector, we developed a social media engagement programme to raise awareness of Lloyds Commercial Finance lending services, build trust in the brand, and drive high value sales leads to the Lloyds website.

Using existing customer success stories to encourage peer-to-peer dialogue on cashflow management issues and to recommend Lloyds Commercial Finance services.

A redesign of the Lloyds website, fully integrated with Lloyds back office systems and business development teams. New landing pages and optimisation of the loan application process.


Targeting small to medium size enterprises with editorial content and forum tools designed to gift knowledge in return for more trusted relationships.

Identifying influential voices on topics concerning cash flow management for UK business, and using Lloyds customer success stories to encourage peer to peer recommendation across social media, niche UK business community sites and optimising for natural search results.

Reinforcing key messages:  “We’re listening…tell us what you think” and “We are open for business”.

Social consultancy and training on the value of social strategies, and key tools and techniques to activate, together with a revised SEO strategy, focused on targeting higher value leads.

A series of video testimonials where customers explain their business challenges and the Lloyds products and services they used to achieve growth and success.

A new forum on the UK Business Forums website where small businesses could share cash flow tips, experiences and questions with their peers and get small businesses help and advice from Lloyds.

A redesign of key landing pages and the loan application process on the Lloyds website, using website analytics data, focus groups and best practice architecture and SEO principles.

Rolling content and editorial plans to target campaign activity across all digital channels.

A programme of content seeded in partnership with sites including: Finance WeekBusiness ZoneUK Business Forums, AccountingWeb.

Demonstrating thought leadership through a live UK budget debate, offering forum comment on the incoming budget report followed by a topical online interview.

A member survey across Finance Week, Accounting Web and Business Zone, to gather intelligence on UK SME pain points, together with a Lloyds whitepaper based on results.

A new forum on the UK Business Forums website where small businesses could share cash flow tips and experiences with their peers, and receive help and advice from Lloyds.

Reduced paid media spend, as a result of earned peer-to-peer recommendations through social communities.


4,000 participants in the
Live Budget and Cashflow forums

of the Lloyds Small Business Guide

Page one visibility
in natural search

18% increase in website traffic

8% increase in sales leads

287 quality opt-in email
addresses captured

255 confirmed sales leads

78% increase in lead conversion
compared to traditional paid channels

What our client says

As our main way of recruiting new customers, digital marketing is critical to the success of the Commercial Finance business. We wouldn’t trust such a crucial tool to just anyone, which is why our pitch process was so tough. Freestyle came out on top and they certainly haven’t let us down. The new site takes usability and conversion to another level.

Keith Bennett, Lloyds Ecommerce and Online Channel Manager

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