Coventry University: Website redesign and build

Developing a stylish and practical web presence for a leading name in education

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We began working with Coventry University in 2013, applying our digital prowess to an overhaul of the university’s website. In redesigning the website, we refined the original site content which totalled around 30,000 pages. The result was a more efficient platform that offered an online ‘shop-window’ for potential students.

In keeping with Coventry’s desire to develop and modernise itself, we were also enlisted to revamp the site’s Research section.

We transformed the Research hub into a more useful and engaging experience for users, granting those interested in Coventry’s research capacity ease of navigation throughout their online journey.

Check out the website here.


Modernising the university’s Research page, enabling students and other members of the wider research community to see a clear path to their own respective fields of interest.

Establishing Coventry University’s status as a leading modern educational body. Promoting their business ties and exceptional research capabilities to third parties by rendering their digital presence more engaging and responsive.

Providing wire frames for Coventry University, allowing them to tailor the structure of their site to suit their own needs and desires.

Working alongside the university’s content team to agree on a concept before designing, building, and testing it ourselves.

Using live updates to source fresh and relevant content from other areas of the site to the landing page. Effectively unifying the efforts of each department in a collective bid to recruit more students and promote the university’s aptitude for research.

What our clients say

The support from Freestyle in the areas of user experience and development is key to the on-going evolution of our digital landscape, helping us stay at the forefront of the competitive field of higher education

Karen Ramsey-Smith, Web Manager

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