A triple award win for Bostik’s smart global web estate



At Freestyle, many of our clients are what we refer to affectionately as NSBs (non-sexy businesses). It might not be the most flattering acronym in the world, but it’s an accurate take on their businesses – i.e, those that operate in niche B2B sectors with no transactional product. The people are, of course, devilishly handsome.

When it comes to websites, NSBs present a veritable feast of strategic and creative challenges. The subject matter is often perceived to be dry; the audiences are said to be super technical and the content can only exist as text-heavy web pages, downloadable PDFs and poorly executed videos, right?

These misconceptions make launching award-winning sites like Bostik.com all the more satisfying.


bostik_devices_v02Reimagining the Bostik Web Estate

As global leaders in the adhesive sector, Bostik were in need of a suitably powerful web presence. Increasing engagement with their brand online meant reimagining their use of digital to truly connect with their customers.

Taking inspiration from other disruptive startups, we streamlined Bostik’s web estate, while applying the audience-centric principles more commonly associated with B2C websites to the world of adhesives.

Now, Bostik.com represents a smart digital ecosystem of websites and communications channels, functioning across 36 countries from one central domain.


Using the Episerver CMS

We built Bostik’s smart digital ecosystem on the Episerver CMS, taking full advantage of its capacity for globalisation. Using Episerver’s flexible site templates, COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere) functionalities and sophisticated language tools, we were able to control all of Bostik’s communications channels from one central hub, while allowing country sites to target their customers with tailored content.

Learn more about our experience with Episerver

The result? A corporate website that attracts new customers, drives sales and wins multiple awards!


A clean sweep for Bostik

awards_2016It’s all well and good us declaring ourselves experts in the niche of Non-Sexy Business, but it’s always better to have that claim backed up by a healthy awards season.

So far this year, our work on Bostik’s global web estate has earned us RAR Digital’s Content Strategy award, and ‘Best Corporate Website’ at both the Corp Comms Digi Awards and the Digital Impact Awards.

That’s three of the most sought after accolades in digital B2B (not to mention our DADI Award nomination). Have a look below and find out what the judges had to say about our work on the Bostik web estate.


What the judges had to say

This new website makes a dull product really exciting […] it is a nice, robust design with sound and thorough methodology. This sets the standard for corporate websites.

Corp Comms Digi Awards

Our judges praised the clear focus of the site, its engaging and well-designed content and the authoritative research that informed its design.

Digital Impact Awards

The RAR awards differ from most in that they are based on client ratings as a true measure of agency success. Following our win in the ‘Content Strategy’ category, Freestyle head of content Olly Forrester had this to say:-

Helping businesses be more strategic with content is a huge part of our work, so it’s great to hear that our clients rate our expertise in this all-important area of digital.



Our latest infographic demonstrates how we applied a combination of innovative strategy, smart technology (like the Episerver CMS) and audience-centricity with award-winning results – allowing Bostik to say ‘Bye 2 Boring’ once and for all!bostik_award_blog_banner


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