Customer Experience Mapping

Customer experience mapping is a way of visualising current or potential customer journeys. It takes into account online and offline actions as well as key questions your customers ask during their journeys.

A good map will visualise the stages, actions, mindset and touchpoints as your customers move through the purchase cycle.

We will help you to:

Understand customer behaviours: Exploring digital touchpoints allows us to design online experiences that captivate at every stage of the journey.

Interpret and map customer journeys: Customer experience mapping helps visualise the stages and actions in a customer journey, identifying negative (‘pain points’) and positive (‘pleasure points’) steps in their journey.

See your brand through your customers’ eyes:  Highlighting ‘moments of truth’ that drive customer perceptions of your business.

Improve the customer experience: This insight helps us develop digital content and tools that promote higher conversions and better engagement.

Freestyle customer experience mapping services:

Stakeholder workshops: We bring together your key business insiders who understand your customers and use a range of workshop activities to draw on their valuable insight.

Customer interviews: Interviews with customers capture crucial intelligence about their journeys. This information is used to craft the experience map and generate detailed customer personas.

Stakeholder interviews: Customer service employees and sales teams hold great customer knowledge, including what would improve the customer experience. We speak to team members on a one-to-one basis to develop the experience map.

User surveys: Surveys allow us to gather a wide range of information on the mindset and requirements of the target audience. We reach a large customer base efficiently through survey platforms, email, and by seeding surveys on websites and social channels.

Remote testing: Tree testing evaluates the ‘findability’ of topics on a website. These tests pinpoint the areas that customers are routinely missing.

Website analytics: We use site analytics to understand how people are using your website. We optimise design decisions by looking at key pages, drop off points, common journeys and purchase funnels.

Informing future activity

Typical outputs from customer experience mapping include:

The Customer Journey Map: The map brings together our research conclusions, visualising them in a meaningful and engaging way.

UX Document: Along with the map, each stage is detailed within a UX Document, displaying key findings and recommendations.

Interactive Prototype: Our recommendations are materialised
 in an interactive prototype. This prototype allows stakeholders to review the new design before creative or build work begins.

Visual Creative: Utilising the prototype, our designers develop creative final designs for each element of the website. The designs, and prototype, form the backbone of the finished website.

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