Channel Planning

Customers are now able to interact with your brand and business across a multitude of channels on an array of platforms.

These interactions are often moments sandwiched into busy and distracted daily lives. People switch between different interactive devices with different capabilities, sizes and roles, to access websites, apps, social platforms, specialist communities, forums and recommendation sites.

Planning an effective digital marketing mix is more complex than ever, and the success of your digital strategy depends on getting this mix right.

We will help you to:

Choose the right digital channels: Using audience research and empirical evidence to understand the most cost-effective online channels to reach your target audiences.

Map channels to conversion objectives: Using audience mapping techniques to understand the role of each channel in the customer lifecycle and prospect conversion process.

Set objectives and KPIs: Understand the role of each channel in your digital marketing mix and effective ways to measure success.

Optimise your digital channels: Using digital metrics and KPIs to measure channel effectiveness and constantly improve conversion efficacy.

Freestyle channel planning services:

Audience research

  • Qualitative research (stakeholder workshops and audience interviews)
  • Quantitative research (audience surveys and website analytics)
  • Segmentation and prioritisation

Objective setting

  • Digital objectives
  • Channel performance metrics and KPIs

Channel planning

  • Audience experience mapping
  • Conversion funnel mapping

Content planning

  • Creative concepts
  • Editorial planning