Audience Research

Effective communication starts with an understanding of the target audience.

We will help you to understand your audience profiles in detail, segmenting them to establish priority targets, cost per acquisition, effort to convert and other vital insights – all geared to optimising your digital marketing and communications. We can start from scratch or build and refine the audience profiles you already have.

We will help you to:

Understand your target audience: Working with project stakeholders and audience groups to gain insight into requirements and objectives.

Build audience segments: Producing detailed persona profiles that drill into the detail of audience characteristics, behaviours, needs and expectations.

Map audience experiences: Detailed mapping of audience behaviours across online and offline environments to uncover barriers to achieving your objectives while identifying future opportunities for improvement.

Set audience objectives: Setting objectives for each audience segment, mapping these objectives back to your organisation’s goals and setting website KPIs against each target audience.

Plan effective digital channels: Understanding how your target audiences use online channels and the content needed to drive those engagements.

Freestyle audience research services

Audience research

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Audience interviews
  • Audience surveys
  • Website analytics

Audience segmentation

  • Detailed personas
  • Audience experience mapping
  • Segmentation and prioritization
  • Objective setting, metrics and KPIs