Performance Optimisation

Digital data analytics can provide key insight into helping you understand how people engage with you online, what works and doesn’t work across your digital estate, and how to maximise the effectiveness of your digital budget.

This is essential input into any digital marketing project or campaign. Freestyle can help you to utilize the power of data analytics to develop effective digital strategies, plan digital campaign activity, optimize website conversions and improve digital campaign effectiveness, to consistently improve your digital performance.

We will help you to:

Understand your data: Not all data is equal! We’ll work with your business to understand your digital objectives, develop digital KPIs and assign digital metrics to measure effectiveness against your business objectives.

Maximise digital conversions: using 360 degree data reporting, aggregating website analytics, social data, commerce data and campaign analytics to improve performance across your online conversion funnel.

Optimise your website: measure content effectiveness, understand key drop off points on your website, and run tests to inform redesign tasks, content development and search engine key words.

Utilise the targeting and personalisation features of your website CMS: a good CMS has the built in ability to deliver personalised and targeted content to anonymous and logged in users. Effective targeting is based on data insight into key user journeys and the content experiences that successfully drive conversions.

Maximise campaign roi: understand channel and content effectiveness in real or near to real time, and manage the focus and budget towards effective routes to conversion.

Freestyle performance optimisation services:


  •  Developing a data driven strategy
  • Performance audits
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Analytics training
  • Website optimisation strategy

 Website build projects

  •  Identify conversion funnels, digital metrics and KPIs
  • Implement effective Google Analytics tagging

Website CMS

  • Content targeting and personalisation
  • Dynamic content modeling
  • Configuration of EPiServer self-optimising blocks
  • Multivariate content testing

Retained services

  •  Marketing effectiveness reporting
  • Channel effectiveness reporting
  • Content effectiveness reporting
  • Search engine effectiveness reporting