Content marketing

‘Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left’ (Seth Godin)

That’s all well and good Mr Godin, but where exactly does one start? How does the brave new world of content work for brands that aren’t Coke, Nike and GSK? How does it work for those who want to see a return on all those blogs, stories and hashtags?

We work with brands and international corporate businesses to define and deliver content strategies that are based on audience insight and empirical data. Our strategies work with your search engine optimisation objectives to deliver on your business objectives.

We will help you to:

Understand content needs: Identifying your audiences’ content needs through persona development workshops and customer interviews.

Define business objectives: Interrogating your business objectives to define content KPIs and thought leadership topics.

Plan appropriate channels: Creating channel plans to map your audience needs and business objectives to specific digital channels, across owned, earned, paid and social media, to best reach your audiences with your content.

Define effective customer journeys: Developing customer journeys to generate content ideas for each conversion stage, from awareness to advocacy.

Create search engine optimised content: Developing keyphrase strategies to dominate search engine results and drive editorial calendars.

Create great content: Producing the content to deliver your content strategy, and creating messaging frameworks and tone of voice guides to deliver an engaging brand experience online.

Freestyle Content Marketing services:


  • What is good content and why does it matter?
  • Content performance audits across digital platforms
  • Competitor benchmarking

Content strategy & planning

  • Audience persona development and customer interviews
  • Defining business objectives and content KPIs
  • Content and channel planning workshop
  • Creative concepts
  • Editorial planning

Content creation & optimisation

  • Video and photography production
  • Copywriting for web
  • Multi media assets
  • Social media content suites
  • Search engine optimising content
  • Editing and optimising existing content

Content activation

  • Website CMS management
  • Social media seeding
  • Seeding content into 3rd party sites