Campaign Strategy and Planning

A solid strategy and a comprehensive plan is the foundation to any successful campaign.

We deliver integrated digital programmes across paid, owned and earned digital channels, and when you need it, we can also work with offline channels to deliver through-the-line campaigns.

We will help you to:

Define campaign objectives: Interrogating your business objectives to define campaign KPIs and conversion metrics.

Develop creative concepts: Working with you to get under the skin of your brand and business to develop a campaign proposition that cuts through the noise to reach your customers.

Plan appropriate channels: Creating channel plans to map campaign objectives to digital channels across owned, earned, paid and social media.

Define effective campaign journeys: Defining campaign activity at each stage of the conversion funnel, from awareness to purchase and advocacy.

Create search engine optimised content: Producing the content to deliver your campaigns, with messaging frameworks to deliver an engaging brand experience and keyphrase strategies to dominate search engine results.

Optimise your campaigns: Measuring campaign performance across digital channels to understand and optimise each content item and campaign channel.

Freestyle campaign planning services:

Audience research

  • Qualitative research (stakeholder workshops and audience interviews)
  • Quantitative research (audience surveys and website analytics)
  • Segmentation and prioritization

Objective setting

  • Digital campaign objectives
  • Setting channel performance metrics and KPIs

Campaign Channels

  • Email marketing
  • Display Campaigns
  • PPC Advertising
  • Social media marketing

Channel planning

  • Campaign experience mapping
  • Campaign conversion funnel mapping

Content planning

  • Creative concepts
  • Content and editorial planning

Campaign optimisation

  • Performance reporting (campaign metrics)
  • Digital marketing insight
  • Optimisation recommendations (content/SEO/channel mix)