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Social media for customer service: TNT

TNT are a global logistics company transferring millions of documents and goods around the world annually.

They were responsible for global fulfilment of Apple iPad and iPhone 4 deliveries at first release. A sensitive mission delivering product to a global audience of tech savy early adopters. 

We supported TNT throughout this delivery cycle, providing:

  • Social media & Search engine monitoring
  • Customer service support via Twitter
  • Reputation management
  • Marketing & PR intelligence


Even before the first truck wheel had turned, commentary was appearing in the social space and influencing search engine results for the TNT brand. Our early warning systems were vital in identifying trends and forming strategies to deal with issues and take advantage of opportunities.

Our social media monitoring services to TNT included:

  • Automated monitoring of global social media activity
  • Manually monitoring conversations in key online communities
  • Picking up negative social buzz & key influencers regarding status of deliveries
  • Automated & manual monitoring of influence on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Crisis planning

Effective monitoring provides an early warning system for potential service challenges, and allowed us to work with TNT to plan customer service resource, communication strategies and digital infrastructure to effectively meet these challenges.

Our planning activity included: 

  • Briefing & training customer service teams in how to respond to negative social commentary & customer service requests through social 
  • Creating a Crisis Plan defining roles & responsibilities & escalation procedures for operational crisis
  • Providing insight & intelligence for marketing & PR strategies 
  • Developing content plans & search optimisation strategies

Content Creation

Once you know what’s happening in the marketplace, you’re in a great position to develop all the content you’re likely to need. Getting the right information & tools out to customers as quickly as possible is crucial to solving customer service challenges.

We developed content suites containing a range of content for TNT teams to use in their interactions with customers:

  • Auto alerts & automated first contact responses for Twitter
  • A bank of response content for Customer Service teams to use across a range of scenarios
  • Search optimised content to promote positive search results on brand term searches, and to direct customers to the right information

Twitter Engagement

The majority of our customer service conversations for TNT were handled through Twitter. By picking up conversations that were already taking place, we were able to engage with customers using the channel chosen by them.

Twitter works wonderfully well for customers in this situation. They send a message in their own time, get a reply directly, and see an instant audit trail for their inquiry as it progresses.

It’s also good news for TNT, removing strain on customer service centres and online parcel tracking apps. It also offers real potential to remove operating overhead from traditional telephone customer service infrastructure. 

We provided:

  • Direct engagement with customer service enquiries
  • 121 customer dialogue to pass people to customer service teams to resolve issues
  • Follow up with customers to promote positive commentary

Positive customer feedback | great search engine results

If handled well, customer service issues offer a great opportunity to positively influence brand perception.

As the hours passed and the customer engagements were managed, we were able to track the change of topics, trends and sentiment. What started as an outraged cry for help, turned to an uneasy scepticism, then quickly evolved into relief, and finally acknowledgement for TNT of a job well done.

Great news for the people whos service inquiries were sorted, but also great news for TNT. Positive customer feedback was highly visible in the search engines and echoed high praise for TNT on excellent customer service.


 “In the 21st Century good customer service should not be limited to the phone, it should take advantage of emerging technology. TNT did this! The Twitter channel @TNTUKCare responded to my every tweet, and with non of this corporate mumbo jumbo, real support given by real people in a positive manner. Apple, if you are listening, TNT have done you proud! They have upheld the exacting standards you demand. TNT you will be my courier of choice from now on!” blogger, ranked on page 1 of search results page for ‘TNT’ brand search.