Freestyle Interactive

Websites & Mobile Development

Every online environment is an investment and demands a return. We’re a strategically focussed digital agency and the work we produce is designed to achieve measurable business objectives.

Our approach is centred on creative insight, empirical analysis and technical experience.

Scope & Plan

All our development projects go through a scope and planning phase. This forms the crucial foundation for later success. Insight is key to any successful website development and audience research, business analysis and brand mapping are all factors in the scoping mix.

So, whether you’re looking to remove costs, increase revenue or build brand relationships, our approach to website scoping makes sure you end up with a solution that delivers value back to your business.

Design & Build

Creativity isn’t just about look and feel, although we’re great at that too! The clever use of technology platforms and innovative integration of applications, widgets and plugins is also a big part of getting the right solution.

Our project teams work as a single unit, from strategy, through front-end design to back-end technology. All our creative and technical expertise is in- house, and our project management processes are tried and tested over nearly two decades. We’re also a Microsoft Certified Development Partner, so you know the tech is going to deliver.

Content & Engagement

A website is really just a vehicle for the content you need to get in front of your audience. Content planning and production is a big part of the development process, and once a site is live, we continue to work with our clients to help them use their online presence to engage with their audiences in the most effective way.

This means regular content planning, search optimisation and tracking audience behaviour to improve engagement with the website.

We run monthly and quarterly content planning workshops to keep content fresh and search-optimised. Audience targeting is planned according to business priorities, to make sure the online focus is always in line with the overall business strategy.

Measure & Learn

The great strength of digital for marketers has always been accuracy of measurement. But an increasingly complex digital landscape also makes for an ever-increasing amount of data – and data is not the same as intelligence!

We believe in marketing intelligence; increasing effectiveness through knowledge and understanding using the insights gained through measurement of audience behaviour and business KPIs.

Website metrics are defined at the start of every project and linked back to your business objectives. They reflect the priorities and focus of your business, and our websites are managed according to these objectives.

By measuring the right things, you’ll always know exactly how your website is contributing to the overall success of your business.