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Social Media, Search & Content Marketing

Social Media

We help our clients use social media tools and techniques to develop better relationships and working practices with customers, prospects, investors, influencers and employees.

We deliver consultancy to help educate your business and build a business case for social media activation.

Our specialists then provide strategy and planning to help you define a social media strategy with measurable performance objectives and support social media activation across people, processes, technical platforms and content.

We have social media management teams who can manage your social media activity on an ongoing basis, and we can also train your internal teams in the principles, tools and techniques to bring social media management in-house.

Social media consultancy  Social media strategy & planning
  • Building a business case for senior managers
  • Knowledge-sharing workshops
  • Social Media Audits
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Audience & influencer research
Social media activation Practical training
  • Consumer engagement programmes
  • Building investor relations
  • Building employee communities
  • Reputation management
  • Building technology platforms, widgets, tools & apps
  • Governance: Policy, guidelines and compliance

  • Introduction to content, search & social media
  • Social media management tools
Monitoring & reporting
  • Social media metrics & KPIs
  • Crisis planning
  • Competitor insight

Content marketing

Without a steady supply of good quality, engaging content, it’s impossible to build a successful digital media strategy. People don’t engage with brands or businesses for the sake of it, they want interesting content; stuff they find useful, informative, funny or entertaining.

We work with your business to research how your audiences engage with digital content, giving you insight into what gets engagement and why. We use this knowledge to plan and produce content that really works to engage your audience and drive your business objectives.

We also work with plenty of businesses who need to make sure their content is compliant and over the years we’ve learned how to build content suites that deal with even the toughest governance programmes.

Consultancy  Content strategy & planning
  • What is good content & why does it matter?
  • Content audits across platform
  • Content planning workshops
  • Creative concepts
  • Editorial planning
Content creation Content activation
  • Video & photography production
  • Copywriting
  • Multi media
  • Social media content suites
  • Website CMS management
  • Social media seeding
  • Seeding into 3rd party sites

Content training Compliance
  • The secrets of good content
  • Writing for the web
  • Search optimising web content
  • Corporate Governance
  • Legal & compliance process

Search Engine marketing

Google loves regularly updated, relevant and fresh content; content rich in the right keywords, with links from trusted sources.

Follow these rules and your content and social strategies will have a significant effect on your search engine results page. This is why our specialists in content marketing, search engine marketing and social media work so closely together.

We help prioritise search spend according to your business objectives, audience priorities and competitor threats. We work with our clients to balance natural search, paid search and social media activity to create an overall search strategy.

 Search marketing consultancy  Search marketing strategies
  • Search marketing strategy workshops
  • The role of social media in search
  • Search marketing audits
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Audience research
  • Keyword strategies
  • Search marketing plan
 Search engine optimisation  Search marketing training
  • Technical optimisation (internal link structures, meta data, load speed)
  • Content optimisation (keywords)
  • External link building
  • Optimising social platforms
  • Search optimisation principles & techniques
  • Using search optimisation tools

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