Freestyle Interactive

Digital Marketing

Every campaign is an investment and demands a return. We’re a strategically focussed digital agency and the work we produce is designed to achieve measurable business objectives.

Our approach to campaign planning is centred on creative insight, empirical analysis and technical experience.

Strategy & planning

There are more ways than ever for your brand or business to get noticed online. Clever use of technology platforms and the social web can help cut through the online ‘noise’.  There is also a broad range of devices to consider, including PC, mobile, tablet and connected TV to help your campaign reach the widest possible audience.

We work closely with our clients to plan effective digital marketing strategies based on audience insight, business objectives analysis and budget. We’ll help you select the right mix of digital channels, and most important of all the right digital metrics to measure business return.

Creative concepts

A strong creative concept will always be important, and we often take the lead agency role in developing overarching creative ideas through to delivery.

We’re also used to working in close partnership with offline creative and PR agencies, so implementing digital alongside offline campaigns is second nature to us. Almost all our campaign activity is integrated with offline media and events, traditional digital media and social media activity.


We’ve worked with our trusted media partners for years now. That relationship means they understand us, they know our clients, and best of all we can negotiate favourable rates.

It’s one of the benefits of being independently-owned: we’re free to negotiate the best media deal to suit our clients’ needs.


We work with our clients in planning and creating a range of campaign assets, including photography and video shoots. We also provide the full range of in-house asset creation services, including digital images, copywriting and animation.

Campaign implementation

Our in-house creative and technical teams manage the production and deployment of all campaign materials. This means we make campaign materials work across an increasing range of platforms and devices: from Facebook advertising to iPads and smartphones.

Digital metrics & KPI reporting

Digital media provides a great opportunity for accurate measurement and all our campaigns are focused on measurable conversion goals. This accuracy means we can keep what matters at the heart of your business, like audience data, brand saturation and reputation, as well as sales leads.