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Which Premier League team is the ‘most talked about’ on Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Written by: Freestyle Interactive

In the past month EPL football clubs have amassed 3.3 million new Facebook Likes, 342,109 new Twitter followers and nearly 10,000 tweets. Our data analysis shows that this works out as a 12% growth for Twitter followers and 9% for Facebook fans and it doesn’t like it will decline. With this in mind, who performed best in the last month?

Notable insights to take notice off include:

  • - Chelsea massively ramped up their Twitter efforts that saw them have their 2nd most active month on Twitter since the start of the season – with 898 tweets.
  • - Arsenal earned a huge 100,000 new followers this month and looks on course to dominate the Twitter standings for the rest of the season with their nearest rivals Liverpool nearly 600,000 followers behind!
  • - Only 7 out of 20 Premier League teams have updated their Facebook Page to Timeline. Is this because they have to redesign their apps/layout or simply because it will be unpopular with fans?
  • - Only 432 people are talking about Wigan on Facebook – which is significantly lower than the league average of 80,000.

Without further a do, here is the Freestyle Interactive EPL Social Media stats infographic for March 2012:

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