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Why do Creatives Love the Chip Shop Awards?

Written by: Sam Nelson

The Chip Shop Awards nurtures and recognises creativity. No limits. No rules. It’s all about the ideas the website declares!

For us ‘creative types’ here at Freestyle we just love the “Chips”. For starters, the entry categories are brilliantly varied & tongue-in-cheek.  But mainly we love it because it gives the team a fantastic & rare opportunity to let creative juices flow and sense of humour run wild.

Typically brainstorming in the Freestyle creative department fires up the imagination – all manner of random, wild and wacky ideas are produced – alas many end up on the cutting room floor when commercial reality bites. So when a creative awards initiative like Chip Shop promises us the boundless possibility of a “NO-RULES” brief – you can bet we designers relish the freedom to unleash alternative elements of our creativity.

Unlike previous years we got to work on our Chip Shop Awards thinking much earlier than normal.  Instead of running at it “late in the day” chasing the deadline we decided to put whole lot more time and effort into our entries. We’re always proud of what we produce for the “Chips” but this year I think we have produced a bumper crop of creative.

And as it turns out it seems a lot of other people liked what we did too.  What’s refreshing about the Chips is that it is not about analysing pixel perfect designs and Photoshop skills – it’s all about the raw idea. Not only is it fun, a great laugh and a brilliant opportunity to really push at creative boundaries – it’s also rewarding because of the recognition and approval from  peers and creative friends when you’re voted ‘Ad of the Week’! –Twice! Was that us? Oh yes it was – THANK YOU!

Take a look at the Freestyle work on the Chip Shop Awards ‘Most Popular Entries’

Without doubt for me the Chips are the highlight of the awards calendar – the ones I look forward to most.  This year’s Chip Shop judging panel is an illustrious bunch, not easy to impress and of course winning would be great.

BUT for me, the Chip Awards are a whole lot more than just the winning – it’s about the taking part that counts for us.  Entering the Chips this year has created a whole lot more buzz around the agency compared to previous years – we’ve really loved taking part … the creative process has been fantastically funny, generated side-splitting humour and created some really strong ideas.

Fancy a Vote? Go on you know you want to…

And if you fancy entering the Chip Shop Awards the deadline’s 16 March 2012.

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